Mother and Baby Swim

Mother and Baby Swimming Classes Mother and Baby Water Awareness in our Private Small Pool

       Our private pool is 18 feet by 10 feet.  You and your baby will have sole use during your session.

Baby Swimming

First please forgive the use of the words Mother and Baby Swimming.  Sadly we live in a world now dominated by search engines and if that is what people search for and we want you to find this page, then Mother and Baby Swimming, although not what we would choose to call it, is a phrase we must use.  So lets start again.

Water awareness for Mother and Baby.

Everyone agrees that getting your baby used to water / getting your baby swimming at the first opportunity is one of the best starts you can give your baby. Opinions are divided on exactly when to start, but babies are welcome at our swimming pool from as early as a few weeks old providing Mum comes too. Swimming with your baby builds confidence, trust and communication skills. Sessions are kept short so that your baby can experience the glorious sensation of letting the water support him or her and leave the water looking forward to more.

Many mothers feel structured baby swimming classes are a little more than they want whilst struggling to balance a very busy life with a new baby.  A chance to chill out and just relax with in the water is just what is needed so mother and baby both have the opportunity to enjoy the water without any pressure.

For those who can reach us easily, we offer courses ranging from 6 sessions, one a week, and discounts for those wanting to commit to longer.  When Mother and Baby live further afield, we offer a residential to suit.

We are based in Swadlincote, Derbyshire.  Why not come and have a chat or phone.