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Waterbabies Teach your baby to love the water

An inspiring DVD and video from the award winning Lauren Heston, UK’s most respected tutor of water safety classes for babies.


  • Water Awareness

  • Self Rescue Skills

  • Fitness

  • Bonding

  • Fun

Are you wary about introducing your baby to swimming? Unsure of the best time to start? Many Mums and Dads think they can’t take their baby swimming until they are at least six months old. Actually all babies have a natural affinity to water and will play and exercise quite safely in water from birth with no anxiety. Waterbabies is a unique DVD and video that shows you all you need to know.

Waterbabies was devised by Lauren Heston, who has been running the highly-successful Little Dippers program across Britain for fifteen years. The video was produced by the makers of BAFTA-Award winning BBC series The Human Body.

The DVD/video shows carefully-designed exercises focused on  developing skills for safety, increasing fitness and most important, enjoying the water with your baby. Throughout the video, emphasis is placed on safety, revisiting past exercises and steady progress. from simple and fun things to do in the bath to begin with, the program takes you and your baby through progressive development until you feel confident and safe in water with your baby.

Following the video or DVD will strengthen your baby’s hearts, lungs and respiratory systems  improve your baby’s mental outlook.

This DVD will give you countless opportunities for fun and bonding, an ideal beginning as your baby turns into a confident swimmer as he or she grows.

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Click Babies and Swimming Pools for guidelines on information on immunisation, swim nappies, skin care etc.

See also Should You Teach Your Baby to Swim?

Here are some books you might find useful.


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Total Immersion Swimming

Total Immersion Swimming Products

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Swimming Made Easy: The Total Immersion Way for Any Swimmer to Achieve Fluency Ease & Speed in Any Stroke Swimming Made Easy Author: Total Immersion Inc; Triathlon Swimming Made Easy: The Total Immersion Way for Anyone to Master Open-Water Swimming Triathlon Swimming Made Easy Author:  Total Immersion Swimming Total Immersion Swimming Pool Primer for Freestyle and Backstroke: The TI Way Total Immersion Swimming Pool Primer for Freestyle Author: Terry Laughlin; Total Immersion Total Immersion Total Immersion Swimming Author: Terry Laughlin; Total Immersion

When it comes to staying fit and healthy swimming is a wonderful way to do it and Fitness and Health Exercises is a site where you will find loads of information to help you keep fit in addition to your swimming.




Here’s what some clients have to say.

Hi Gay

It was also a real pleasure to meet you and special thanks for making me believe I CAN DO IT!


Roger to TI: A big thank you for suggesting I get in touch with Gay Clarke.  I have just returned from a weekend staying with Gay and her husband, being coached by her.  I was very impressed with her expertise. She is extremely good at analysing and explaining thoroughly without the unnecessary padding and repetition you often get with coaches who are not confident in what they do.  The weekend far exceeded my expectations.  I have come away with a marked improvement in both my balance in the water and my flutter kicking and an understanding of how I need to practice to progress through the first set of drills.  Gay, as an ME sufferer, was also able to give me much useful advice in coping with the condition while learning to swim and indeed for life in general.

Steve:  Gay, Thanks you so much for everything you’ve done for me.  I can’t believe all those wasted years and lessons at my local pool.  I really was beginning to think I could never learn to swim.  In one short week you changed all that.  So now I can be in the pool with everyone else and hold my own.  I just wish I had found you earlier .

Lisa: Before I set out that first day I had never been so frightened in my life .  I very nearly didn’t make it to the pool.  Looking back that night I was amazed how quickly things had changed for me.  If anyone had told me I would be kicking and floating on my back without a care in the world I’d have thought they were mad.  It was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had.  I am practising all the things you’ve taught me and I will definitely be coming back.  Gay and Irene, you can’t know what this means to me.

Dear Gay, Thank you so much for your time on Saturday. I truly enjoyed it.  Now I wish I could be in a pool all day.  A total novelty. I have to say that I did so much better than I expected, so lots of credit to you on such good instructions!  Roxana:



Underwater Photography

 Water Babies Underwater PhotographyUnderwater photography           Divers – Underwater Photography

With a history of commercial underwater photography and film that spans over two decades the founders of Waterbaby set up the business to not only provide accessible underwater photography for the general public but also to be able to offer full production and model agency services and management for underwater and water-related photographic and film projects.

Waterbaby can provide full production services for any water-related project as well as acting as model and casting agents. In addition Waterbaby holds a huge library of images and stock footage related to water available for licensing for any purpose.

For full information on all of our services please contact Daniella at

More on Underwater Photography

Underwater photography has never been easier yet many people return from diving trips disappointed with their results. You have only a limited amount of time with your subject. You are unable to communicate properly with other humans while underwater. Everything is on the move including yourself and an additional problem is that your photo equipment could become flooded and useless in a moment. All this makes photography more problematical than on land. The optical characteristics of water don’t help. If you enjoyed 30m of visibility on your last dive you would have been ecstatic. You would have searched for superlatives to describe it.  The overriding rule of underwater photography is: Get rid of as much water as you can!   more on Underwater Photography from John Bantin

Underwater Photography  Underwater Cameras

Not just the best place to buy underwater cameras digital camera housings and underwater video. Also the best place to learn how to use them! This website is devoted to the art of underwater photography. Their mission is to help underwater photographers achieve their full potential. Scuba diving in Gran Canaria and digital underwater photography with Aquanauts dive centre.  Cameras with underwater housings make digital underwater photography  accessible to all scuba diver and swimmers.  Novice scuba divers can take home a CD of photos and videos of their scuba diving adventure.  Experienced divers can take a PADI Adventure Dive to learn more.  Even swimmers with snorkels can make use of a cheap underwater camera.



Swimming DVD Children

Swiiming Lesson for Baby - Baby Swimming DVDBaby Swimming Lessons BBC made DVD Swimming Lessons for the phobic and struggling Swimming UK Index  Baby Swimming Lessons Contact us forswimming lessons


We all agree that getting your child used to water from day one is one of the best starts you can give your baby. Swimming with your baby or child builds confidence trust and communication skills. Click Babies and Swimming Pools for help on immunisation swim nappies skin care etc.  Here are some DVD you might find useful.

little dippers

Fishing DVD   Golf DVD


  Swimming Lessons London

Swimming Goggles

These swimming goggles are for UK purchase only.  Click for USA Swimming Goggles.

Buy Swimming Goggles USA Customers

Camaro Ocean GogglesCamaro Ocean Goggles UltimateUltimate SplashSplash MermaidMermaid         HydroluxHydrolux SplashSplash UltimateUltimate JazzJazz         Camaro Ocean GogglesCamaro Ocean Goggles HydroluxHydrolux TYR Racetech® Metallized Swimming GogglesTYR Racetech MermaidMermaid

Adrenalin goggles by Diana designed for water sports. Enhanced peripheral vision

Impact Anti-fog Goggle Impact Anti-Fog sports goggle. U.V. Protection Curved lenses give wider frame of vision. Pool Plus Swim Goggles An excellent basic goggle at an excellent price available in three funky colours

Swim Plus Anti-Fog An anti-fog goggle with adjustable nosepiece. These goggles have Siltex seals..

Beat Anti-Fog Goggle

A new goggle by Maru designed for small faces and juniors.

Mask Anti Fog Goggle A great value anti fog goggle by Diana with a soft one piece frame. Extreme Anti-Fog Goggle

The Extreme from Maru is an anti-fog goggle ideal for racing. With three interchangeable nose piece Comet Goggles A competition goggle by Diana with fantastic design and usability.

Cosmo Mirror Lense Goggle A competition goggle with mirrored lense by Diana

Air 2 anti fog swim goggle

The most advanced goggle from Maru. Air seal technology and a twin strap provide a comfort fit. Swedish Anti-fog Goggles

Original Swedish design goggle kit by Diana for competitions.



Swimming Holidays

NEW Swimming Holidays – Learn to Swim

swimming holidays - pool Villa Josephine France swimming holidays - beach swimming holidays - patio

Family Holiday Parks in France Spain and Italy

Swimming Holidays in the UK

Intensive Swimming Lessons on your holiday : What are the benefits of our intensive swimming holidays? Swimwithus, despite claims by our competitors now offering swimming holidays also,  were the first residential swim courses of their kind – intensive one to one lessons with the our private pool entirely to yourself. We have taught hundreds of individuals and couples to swim or improve their swimming with our individually tailored lessons.   We also offer swimming holidays in France at Villa Josephine.

Diving Holidays Worldwide at DGC Travel.  Visit this holiday website for loads of information about all types of holidays.  The owner is a keen swimmer and lately is interested in diving.

Sri Lanka Holiday Packages

Thompsons Holidays

Holiday Parks

Swimming and Sports Holidays at DGC Travel Services




Endless Pool

Swimming Pool Safety for Children    Endless Pools

Endless Pools Swim at Home All Year Round?   Endless Pools - UK Swimming Pools Direct - British Swimming Pools   Endless Pools in the UK 

Endless Pools - UK Swimming Pools Direct - British Swimming Pools

Enjoy all the fitness benefits of swimming in a professional quality lap pool year round right at home.  Endless Pool’s compact 8’ x 15’ modular design fits into existing spaces such as basements garages enclosed porches or patios.  The Endless Pool is ideal for swimming water aerobics aqua therapy and fun.

Swimming and water based exercise has long been the favored method for exercise and therapy for millions of Americans each year.  Doctors and Physical Therapists agree this low impact sport is easy on the joints and back and can be the key to faster recovery for debilitating ailments and injuries.  Endless Pools - UK Swimming Pools Direct - British Swimming Pools

Water provides buoyancy and support for the body.  When you’re neck-deep in water you’re only supporting 10% of your actual body weight but you can exercise at eight times the resistance.  Water pressure helps control swelling that often accompanies injury as well.  You can even increase your physical fitness while you recuperate and avoid prolonged physical therapy.

Water exercise is also an excellent weight loss tool.  A person’s whole body changes when they swim. They become healthier with regular water-based exercise.  People who want to get fit and stay fit find they make greater progress in a pool than on land.

But for most people the thought of owning a pool or simply doing water based exercise conjures a very different image; Pool maintenance expense mammoth construction efforts limited space driving to the gym gym fees limited gym hours heavy chlorine locker rooms and accessibility problems.   At what point do the benefits outweigh the cost and hassle?

Endless Pools - UK Swimming Pools Direct - British Swimming PoolsHowever provided the right pool and the right situation both the cost and hassle can be avoided.  If you’re willing and able to dive in and plan a pool installation you may want to consider a few things; deciding upon a length and width for your pool considering how you intend to use your pool the general dimensions of the site your own height climate considerations.

Length and width will dictate if you can install the pool in your home or outdoors.  Do you have at least an 11’x 18’ area with a minimum 7ft ceiling?  Does this area have a concrete slab typical of a garage or basement?  If so you can swim year-round in an Endless Pool from the privacy of your own home

If you don’t have the space indoors you can carve out an area in your backyard.  Depending on your climate and ambition both the indoor and outdoor installation can be completed in as little as two days by two relatively handy people.  Endless Pools - UK Swimming Pools Direct - British Swimming Pools

Options can enhance your Endless Pool as well; use underwater lights for basements and darker spaces add a security cover to control moisture and humidity or keep out leaves and other debris or add hydrotherapy jets for relaxing sore muscles.  Water quality systems will purify the water and reduce the need for chlorine.  Also an electric or gas powered water heater will maintain the temperature you like.  If you need special access to the pool you may want to consider grab bars and corner stairs to aid entry to a pool.

Swimming and water exercise can be done for a lifetime.  The question is would you like it to improve your way of life and if so where would you like to do it?  The Endless Pool is easy to install and an affordable way to make swimming and water exercise part of your daily routine.

Endless Pools – UK Swimming Pools Direct – British Swimming Pools



Free Swimming Lessons

Cancelled until further notice due to pressure of work

Free Golf Lessons

Free Swimming Tuition

Swimming Workouts

We know how important that first step towards booking swimming lessons is.  That’s why we always offer your first one-to-one swimming lesson free.

If the idea of swimming or even the thought of  lessons fills you with dread, just pop along for your  lesson free and we’ll have you swimming in no time.

There is no obligation to book anything other than your free swimming lesson.Free Swimming Lesson -  Instructor Gay Clarke  Although here are some pictures of me on holiday with that lovely blue sea behind me.  Doesn’t it make you want to learn to swim <grin>

Note:  The truly fearful may want to take a much slower approach to their swimming tuition.  Your one-to-one lessons are always tailored to your swimming or non-swimming abilities.

We are based in Derbyshire with good access from Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, East Midlands and West Midlands.


Adult Swimming Lessons

Private Swimming Lessons

Free Swimming Lessons Swimmimg Lessons - First Lesson Free Free One-to-one Swimming Lessons Beginners Adult Swimming Lessons Swimming Lessons for Adults

Childrens Swimming Pools

 Swimming Pool Safety for Children     Endless Pools

Odyssea Luxe Long Octagonal Swimming Pool

Luxury Pools

Children’s Swimming Pools UK                  Children’s Swimming Pools USA

Children’s Swimming Pools USA

Drowning prevention tips for swimming pool owners

  • Never leave a child/children unattended in the water or pool area for any reason. Don’t be distracted by doorbells phone calls chores or conversations. If you must leave the pool area take the child/children with you making sure the pool gate latches securely when it closes.

  • Always keep your eyes on the child or children. Designate a child watcher whether you or someone else when you attend a party or have friends or family over.

  • Talk with baby-sitters about pool safety supervision and drowning prevention.

  • Post rules such as “No running ” “No pushing ” “No dunking” and “Never swim alone.” Enforce the rules for children of any age.

  • Don’t rely on swimming lessons or “floaties” to protect your children in the water.

  • Don’t assume that drowning or a drowning incident couldn’t happen to you or your family.

  • Don’t have a false sense of security just because you think your pool area and home are secure. Always watch your children whether in the house or outside.

  • Attend a CPR class. Make sure your baby-sitter knows CPR.

  • For the nearest cardiopulmonary resuscitation class contact your fire department Red Cross or hospital.

  • Encourage your neighbors to follow pool safety guidelines including keeping their back gates and doors locked and their pool gates securely closed and latched.

For a printable brochure on “Water Safety ” Click     CPR for infants


 Childrens Parties-Soft Play




Swimming Teachers Derbyshire Swimming Teachers Staffordshire – Swimming Teachers Midlands Swimming Teachers Nottinghamshire – Swimming Teachers West Midlands Swimming Teachers Leicestershire – Swimming Teachers East Midlands Swimming Instructor – Gay Clarke

   Swimming Lessons - Instructor Gay

Contact Gay

I have been a teacher for many years but started swimming very late in life, fighting a phobia.  I eventually became a member of the Institute of Swimming Teachers and Coaches in 2001. For me, this isn’t about money or a career,  I am simply devoted to helping others who are fearful or struggling, whether aged 5 or 85.

swimming instructor Gay Clarke

Please click above for more information about Gay.

If I am unable to help you I will do my best to help you find a swimming instructor or teacher in your area or some-one that offers residential swimming courses..

Swimming Teacher Derbyshire

Please note I do not endorse any other swimming instructor / teacher or swimming organisation.  Please satisfy yourself as the suitability of any swimming instructor or swimming teacher that you choose to employ.

Swimming Teachers Derbyshire