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 About Emmett Hines 

Emmett was one of the people that was instrumental in my conquering my fear of of the water and going on to become a swimming instructor.  His patience and the time he took to advise me resulted in some major changes in my life.  His book was the first I bought and I can heartily recommend it.

H2Ouston Swims are offering to their website visitors only an autographed copy of Emmett Hines book Fitness Swimming! 

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Troy Dalbey Head Masters Coach The Phoenix Swim Club Double Gold Medalist 1988 Olympics Former World Record Holder

Phillip Whitten PhD Editor-in-Chief Swimming World and SWIM Author The Complete Book of Swimming

Mo Chambers Head Coach Mountain View Masters US Masters Swimming Coach of the Year (1996)

Terry Laughlin Director Total Immersion Swimming Author Total Immersion: The Revolutionary Way to Swim Better Faster and Easier                                               

You can get a copy of Fitness Swimming (autographed if you like) direct from the author