Swimming Lessons Midlothian

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SwimEasy Ltd, Swanston Steading, 109/12, Swanston Rd, Edinburgh, EH10 7DS, Midlothian
Tel. 0131 466 0764

Aquatic Learning Ltd, 48 Eastfield, Edinburgh, EH15 2PN, Midlothian
Tel. 0131 669 5454

Turtle Pack Swim Academy, 30 Polbeth Rd, West Calder, EH55 8SS
Tel. 07972 146175

Water Babies Scotland East & West, 182a Ferry Rd, Edinburgh, EH6 4NW
Tel. 0131 554 6682

Making Waves Ltd, 10 Sciennes Road, Edinburgh, EH9 1LG
Tel. 01698 825844

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Covering the following areas in Midlothian: Broadway, Droitwich, Evesham, Malvern, Pershore, Tenbury Wells, Worcester

Swimming Lessons  Midlothian

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Swimming Lessons Midlothian

Not finding what you need? Then please contact us to enquire about residential swimming lessons. Prices for our residential swimming courses can be found on our prices page. For your residential swimming lessons, you will be staying in the house next door to Irene’s private swimming pool. Facilities include kitchen, shower/bathroom, 1 double bedroom with clean bedding, lounge, tv/dvd/freeview, micro-wave, kettle, toaster, fridge and central heating.One of the hardest things for adults who are learning how to swim at a later age is allowinging the face in the water. It can be uncomfortable and oftencauses anxiety which can be quite exteme for some. Privacy does make it easier to overcome this challenge,

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Will I ever Learn to Swim?

If you are reading this now I am assuming you are considering taking adult swimming lessons, and like most other adults reading this page you will have concerns. Let me just list a few of the comments we get from would-be adult swimmers over and over and over again.

  • I’m the odd one out. Everyone else can swim.
  • My legs sink. Swimming lessons just don’t work for me.
  • I just can’t put my face in the water.
  • If I take swimming lessons, will I have to go in the deep end? Panic!!!
  • I’m not just an adult – I’m way too old.
  • Adult swimming lessons for men are embarrassing.

The list is endless but largely there are many many reasons why people manage to talk themselves out of taking adult swimming lessons. As of today, we haven’t met one single person that can’t learn to swim as an adult no matter what their age or perceived problems.

Private Lessons

One to one swimming lessons.

Private Swimming Lessons Pool Closed

Full List of areas covered on our Midlothian Swimming Lessons Directory:

Arniston Engine, Auchendinny, Bilston, Bonnyrigg, Borthwick, Carrington, Cousland, Crichton, Dalkeith, Danderhall, Easthouses, Eskbank, Fala, Fala Dam, Ford, Gorebridge, Hillend, Howgate, Lasswade, Leadburn, Loanhead, Mayfield, Middleton, Millerhill, Milton Bridge, Newlandrig, Newtongrange, Nine Mile Burn, North Middleton, Pathhead, Penicuik, Polton, Rosewell, Roslin, Silverburn, Temple, Tynehead