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The Swimming Pool Book

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Luxury Swimming Pool with controllable water temperature.

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Swimming Pool Norfolk

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The hose pipe ban and how it does not affect you

Many people are confused about whether the hose pipe ban means they can not use their swimming pool or buy a new pool.

At present there is no need to worry because the hose pipe ban does not stop you topping up or filling a swimming pool. It only applies to watering your garden or washing your car. Only a Drought Order can stop you topping up or filling a pool.

How a swimming pool works. Advice about pool ownership.

If you have moved to a new home and it has a swimming pool and you are not sure how to maintain it then this article is for you. Even if you have had a pool for a while you may pick up some tips. More of this article at the Pool Store.

Garden Leisure 12′ x 32” Quick Set Metal Frame Swimming Pool Garden Leisure 12' x 32'' Quick Set Metal Frame Swimming Pool

Great Swimming Pools Delivered from Swimming Pools Onlines

Complete with Filter/ Pump, Ladder, Cover and Ground Cloth

Code – ORI-75-0029

3Kw Heater Available at an extra cost.


Swimming Pool Norfolk

Atlantic Splasher 15′ x 36″ Swimming Pool Atlantic Splasher 15' x 36" Swimming Pool

Great Swimming Pools Delivered from Swimming Pools Onlines

A Splasher Pool is particularly suitable for young children due to a depth of only .91m (36″) and represents good value for money.

Teach them to gain confidence in water and give them their very earliest swimming lessons in your own back garden.

Price includes 15′ x 36″ Splasher Pool, Galvanised Ladder, Pump, Over the wall Skimmer and Integral Cartridge Filter

Code – API-75-5010

Add on Kits Available which include – Solar & Winter Cover & Manual Cleaning Kit


Swimming Pool Norfolk

Family paddling pool 229cm dia 

Swimming Pools from Amazon


  • Size: 229Cm X 56 Cm , 90 Inches X 22 Inches
  • Sturdy Pre-Tested Vinyl
  • Extra Wide Side Walls
  • Sturdy I-Beam Construction
  • Safety Valves
  • Repair Patch Included


Swimming Pool Norfolk