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swiMP3 Player


This innovative SwiMP3 underwater MP3 player is an incredible audio swimming experience. Imagine listening to hours of your own music during your swim workout. The SwiMP3’s superb sound transfer technology can offer exceptional underwater sound quality. Normal players rely totally on the transmission of sound through air or water causing the swimmer to hear only muffled noise. The SwiMP3 player uses bone conduction – the direct transfer of sound vibrations from the cheek bone to the inner ear – to provide the swimmer with exceptional sound clarity. The SwiMP3 is fully waterproof and can be used with all the competitive swim strokes by all levels of swimmer.


Without a doubt Finis’s SwiMP3 (128MB $250) is the most unusual MP3 player  seen to date. While the company doesn’t specialize in portable audio devices its many years of experience making advanced training equipment for swimmers are well implemented in the SwiMP3. And although the player could use a few notable improvements competitive and casual swimmers alike will certainly see the appeal of the device.

The SwiMP3 – Finis produces products for the rigorous needs of the competitive swimmer. The product line consists neatly of various training equipment and goggles of which the SwiMP3 is a combination of both. The SwiMP3 is not simply a portable music system for the pool but a training tool. It consists of a waterproof player unit that slides onto a set of goggles (which come with the player) that secure the unit to the back of the head. Selling for about $250 the SwiMP3 has 128MB of memory. Two cheek-phones extend from the body each connected through a single wire. These phones are likewise secured by the straps and positioned at the side of the goggles.   SWIMP3 review

The SwiMP3 could add some fun to your swim routine if you can afford it–just beware of potential nausea-inducing inner ear imbalance.